Better Diet, Longer Life. More Tail Wags

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Six Reasons To Up your Dog’s Diet with UPDOG

1 Up the protein

No other dog food on the market offers better human-grade protein than we do. At 85% protein (proven by research to be optimal for dogs) and using only premium meats, you’ll be serving Fido exactly what he needs to thrive. Any better, and it would be like grilling him a fillet mignon!

2 Up the nutrition

Every batch we cook also includes the right balance of Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, probiotics, essential amino acids and other critical vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy and active.

3 Up the home-cooked convenience

No big industrial kitchens, factories or mass production lines. When you buy UPDOG, you can be sure it is lovingly-prepared in small batches in our own kitchen! You might be able to make it yourself – but who has the time to source organic ingredients, blend, season, and cook it up fresh for your dog every day? You certainly don’t – so we are happy to do it for you using our tried and trusted methods.

4 Up the purity (all-organic WHOLE foods!)

No additives. No fillers. No preservatives. We are careful to use only organic and sustainably sourced products in our cooked dog food: grass-fed meats, fresh organic fruits and vegetables sourced from family-owned farms in southern Ontario within two hours of Toronto. It’s a beautiful, fresh, pure food that will leave your dog glowing inside and out.

5 Up the quality (human-grade food!)

This is food you could literally feed to your children. No sub-standard ingredients or questionable animal parts. We carefully prepare and cook high-quality vegetables, fruits and premium-cut meats, add in tasty seasonings and then cook it up just the way your fur baby likes it. To say it is ‘suitable for human consumption’ is an understatement: most people never eat this well!

6 Up the performance, overall health, happiness and longevity of your dog!

Say goodbye to digestive ailments, weight problems, disease and joint pain as a result of a poorly-balanced diet. With 3 meats in every batch of UPDOG, you’ll be helping your dog live a longer, healthier and happier life. Try it for a week and see the difference our protein-rich, high quality ingredients make to the abundant health and energy of your four-legged friend.

And I should also mention... your dog will give it a big Paw’s UP – and go CRAZY for it!