Feed your Dog Like a Member of Your Family

Human-grade, organic, handcrafted dog meals prepared with love


Ever wonder what’s in your pet’s wet food?

Well, we checked. Some dog food contains road kill, diseased animals...and ARSENIC. Yes, arsenic. So, we decided to handcraft single batches of human grade, organic, grass fed lamb, beef, wild boar, venison and free run poultry dishes in our own kitchen. Now, we are making these delicious meal supplements available to your dog.

UPDOG is a fully cooked gourmet meal topper to boost your dog’s diet.


UPDOG was created with care for discerning pet owners like you, who:

“I could not be the only person who treats my dogs like family and who would want such high quality food, so I took it to the next level.”

Theresa Knott


Better Diet, Longer Life. More Tail Wags.

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Each 100% human-grade dog meal contains ethically raised organic and grass fed meat proteins, non-GMO products, bowl boosters and superfoods including foods rich in omega fatty acids, essential amino acids, and antioxidants. No antibiotics. No growth hormones.