Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to modify, and cancel any of our UPDOG Inc. products and services at any time without customer notification. 

UPDOG Inc. reserves the right to substitute products based on availability.

Your purchase of UPDOG Inc. products confirms your acceptance of the following UPDOG Inc. indemnity clause in full and without any exclusions/modifications now and in the future.

We do not warrant that our products and services will be free of error, and timely.  You expressly agree that your use of UPDOG Inc. products occurs at your own risk, your pet’s risk and anyone to whom you give an UPDOG Inc. product.  You agree that our products and services are offered “as-is” without any warranties, and conditions of any kind expressed or implied. You explicitly agree to hold harmless UPDOG Inc. from any existing and future liability and damages occurring for any reason. We may refuse service and products to anyone at any time without explanation and warning.  You agree not to modify the UPDOG Inc. product prior to return or exchange, and agree not to tamper with the product by imposing any parasite(s), bacterial or viral organism(s), and any ingredient(s), including, but not limited to those listed above. You agree to refrigerate your UPDOG Inc. product to avoid spoilage prior to return. UPDOG Inc. reserves the right to notify the appropriate authority of suspicion or evidence of tampering of any kind, and initiate legal action.

You will hold harmless and indemnify UPDOG Inc. against any and all criminal/civil claims and actions arising out of the consumption of UPDOG Inc. products, including, without limitation, expenses, judgements, fines, settlements and other amounts actually and reasonably incurred in connection with any liability, suit, action, loss, or damage arising or resulting from you, your pet’s or others’ consumption of UPDOG products.