Theresa Knott

A Dog Lover’s Passionate Quest for Premium Nutrition

UPDOG was borne out of a desire to serve luxurious, fully-organic meals to GTA-area dogs who are adored by their “pawrents.”

Hi, I’m Theresa and I have the best job ever – I breed and nurse newborn puppies. No, I’m not one of those large, professional breeders who do it for income – but more of a boutique breeder who does it for love.

When I first began breeding, I got frustrated searching for a high-quality dog food that would properly nourish my girls. Nothing on the market gave them the level of protein, vitamins and minerals they required from whole ingredients. My quest began: to create a fully-organic, human-grade formulation to give dogs (breeding or otherwise) the complete protein and proper nutrition they truly need.

The whole story...

I began my career as a PhD trained researcher in the social and behavioral sciences.  Along the way, I developed a passion for Australian labradoodles and began a boutique breeding program, launching casadoodle located just west of Toronto in 2009. When I noticed that despite using the highest-quality dog food on the market my dogs were still not getting enough protein, I called on my research skills and began supplementing their diet to maximize nutrition. I used a variety of grass fed meats, 100% organic vegetables and fruits from regional family farms and saw how much they began to thrive. From there, I began preparing full, home-cooked dishes with three meat proteins per dish. You will never find any wheat, corn, or soy in my products and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. I figured that I could not be the only person who treats my dogs like family and who would want such high quality food, so I took it to the next level.

Today, I bring UPDOG, my handcrafted, human-grade wet dog food recipes to pet owners across the Greater Toronto area, in fresh and convenient single batches.

UPDOG comes in five varieties of delicious meals for your fur baby using specialized preparation and wonderful ingredients like sous-vide venison loin, Pekin duck, slow roasted Angus beef strip loin, seared wild boar, succulent leg of lamb, and turkey breast with rosemary. Delectable high-protein creations you could even eat yourself – ideal for supplementing add it to your dog’s high-grade dry kibble, or serve it as a special treat. Lucky dog!


UPDOG sold exclusively at The Bone & Biscuit Co.